How to Install WordPress on Bluehost

WordPress on Bluehost

Today I'm going to bring you a step by step tutorial on how to install WordPress on Bluehost hosting. It takes about eight minutes from start to finish, whether you have your own domain name ( or if you just want to test out WordPress in a subdirectory of an existing domain ( I include step by step instructions as well as some additional templates you can use to help you quickly set up your WordPress sites. Click Read More to see the video and read the step by step instructions.

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WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal vs Static HTML – Which Should You Use?

WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal

Recently I've finally gotten off my butt and started moving forward with a couple of niche sites. During this journey, I've learned a lot myself, and in sharing my experiences with my friends, I've found that some of them are also trying their hand in the online money-making world. One of those friends chose Joomla over WordPress and we were both curious as to why we chose one over the other. This is the first of a series of posts to follow that will dive into the pros and cons of each particular framework and what we think are the most important factors when choosing the platform for your own website. Follow the break to find out more.

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