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Best Microphone for Videos or Podcasts

AKG-D5 Dynamic Microphone

When you're producing content and that content uses audio to relay your message, the quality of your audio is very likely just as important as the content itself. You're probably saying to yourself, "No way, my content is way more valuable!". Well, that might be true, but if your audio suffers from poor quality, people may not be able to get past that even if you have the best content available. I, myself am typically pretty forgiving of flaws in production quality (for free materials), but I've even found that I've dropped certain podcasts or skipped to another YouTube video simply because I got tired of TRYING to hear the message. Audio quality is absolutely critical when producing content for your consumers, and inside this article I describe and illustrate in a video the differences in the various types of microphones available and when best to use each type.

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How to Install WordPress on Bluehost

WordPress on Bluehost

Today I'm going to bring you a step by step tutorial on how to install WordPress on Bluehost hosting. It takes about eight minutes from start to finish, whether you have your own domain name ( or if you just want to test out WordPress in a subdirectory of an existing domain ( I include step by step instructions as well as some additional templates you can use to help you quickly set up your WordPress sites. Click Read More to see the video and read the step by step instructions.

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