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Hopefully you’re enjoying reading this site and the content I have to offer. I’ve still got quite a bit of work to do and like anyone getting started in the making money online space, I’ve got a day job that consumes most of my time so I’m constantly trying to work these articles in whenever I get a free moment. To help keep myself motivated and to further educate myself in order to further my own online ventures, there’s a few sites that I highly recommend (just please don’t stop reading my stuff!)

First and foremost, if you haven’t heard of Pat Flynn over at the Smart Passive Income Blog, you’re really missing out. He’s pretty much the inspiration I needed to quit thinking about doing and just start doing. The guy is amazing. Pat is completely transparent about his finances which is an incredible thing to see. When I first found his site about 3 years ago, he was doing pretty well bringing in about 6-7k/month. Now, after three years, a ton of effort and lots of branching out, he’s regularly pulling in 40k/month and most recently he brought in 60k in January! I’ve had a number of people tell me “You can’t believe what you read online, he could be making all that up”. I’ll tell you like I told them – that’s fair. I can see how people would be skeptical, but here’s the bottom line. If you spend 3 hours on his site, you’ll see that he provides some of the best, free content you’ll find anywhere on the web. I’ve never seen a hard-sell by him, and he literally writes posts that take hours to put together (believe me, after doing this myself, I know how much time goes into a really high quality post like my Best WordPress Plugins post).  People that take the time to create posts like he does and spends the time breaking down his income reports, line by line like he does, really don’t have the need to make this stuff up.  Also, if you look at the progression of his income over time, you’ll see that it directly corresponds to new things he was doing in his business.  It all lines up.  So, enough selling him to you, just go over there and check him out.  Also included below are some of my favorite articles on his site and you should definitely check them out.

Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Blog:

Ranking Higher in Google with “The Backlinking Strategy that Works” – probably my favorite page on the internet!!!

Pat’s Monthly Income Reports:

Another guy that I had read in the past but just recently picked him back up and really enjoying his content is Glen Allsopp over at  Glen is a younger guy (younger than me anyways!) and has really put out some quality content.  What recently turned me back onto him is his new podcast that he just put in iTunes that was about his Cloud Blueprint course he offers for free on his website.  If you’ve got about 2 hours of your life to devote to some super high quality content that can give you some great insights on how to start up a successful online business, you definitely need to check out his video course, and afterwards, head over to his main blog to find a ton of useful information.

Cloud Blueprint Video Course:

Glen Allsopp’s Blog:

If you’re interested primarily in Niche Sites and how to make a passive income using this method, another guy that I recommend checking out is Spencer Haws over at Niche Pursuits.  He’s another guy that provides high quality information that you can actually take and use in building your online business.  Similar to Pat Flynn, he’s started showing some of his monthly income related to his niche sites and in this, he provides some great insights into the fact that it’s a numbers game – some of his sites make quite a bit of money while others might only make pennies or dollars a month.  It’s nice to see someone who shows you both the good and the bad and what you do to make sure you’re successful in the online space.  Another reason to check him out is his software he just released last year that goes by the name LongTail Pro.  I use this software and it really is quality – it’s an alternative to the popular Market Samurai, and in some ways is even better.

Spencer Haws Niche Pursuits:

LongTail Pro Software Site:   (NOT an affiliate link)

And finally, a site that you should join right now if you aren’t a member already (it’s free), is the Warrior Forum.  Besides the three above this is a site that you should probably be visiting daily and at least skimming the articles in the main forum.  There is such an abundance of information from a collective group of people that it’s hard to take it all in.  Don’t get too bogged down in trying to learn everything before you get started.  As a matter of fact, get started before you even start reading this forum!  Above and beyond all else, get started first, and start tweaking after you have some things in place.  I’ve included a link below that alludes to just doing something and fixing as you go.  This site is a gold mine of information, but there is so much that you can literally lose yourself for hours.  Try to limit yourself to 30 minutes a day or you may realize that a week passed and you’re still glued to it!  :-)

Warrior Forum for Internet Marketers:

 How this Person Made 500K in 3 Years – I can’t verify his income, but what I can tell you is what he says about succeeding holds 100% true – read his story and start taking some action:

If you have any blogs or websites you feel are must reads, please let us know by leaving a comment below!

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