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I have to admit, I’m not the most savvy when it comes to social media, and part of it is simply because it takes quite a bit of time to build it up and do it properly.  I probably average about one or two posts a week on my Facebook fan page for my headphone site and just recently I went in there to update my “happenings” and a new feature popped up on me – “Boost Post”.

What you get for your money

What you get for your money

Now, because I don’t stay on top of social media like I should, this was intriguing.  As you can see, I only have (at the time of this writing), 187 total likes.  Granted, that’s not terrible, but it’s a far cry from having any kind of huge following.  So, when I clicked that Boost Post link at the bottom of my new entry, it was very intriguing to see that by paying a mere $15.00, I could potentially get in front of 3,100 – 5,700 people (estimated of course).

Now here’s the thing – if you’ve been doing any online marketing or internet business, you know how hard it can be to show up in front of users.  Whether you’re trying to rank in Google for keywords or if you’re posting in forums to try and get some recognition, it takes time and quite a bit of effort for each and every user you get to your content.  Therein lies my suspicion – could $15 really get me qualified, target traffic?  It’s really hard to believe, because if that were the case, it seems like everyone and their brother would do it.  That might be the cheapest traffic you’ll ever see!

Obviously the first question should be – is this targeted traffic?  Well, I poked around some more and found a tooltip that describes a little better what you’ll be paying for.  Essentially, your post will be displayed more prominently in front of your current fans (people who’ve liked your page) and their immediate friends.  Is this targeted traffic?  It’s really hard to say – I mean, just because the guy who subscribed to my page loves headphones and related reviews, that doesn’t mean that his 300 friends care at all about that particular topic.  On the other hand, he might have a few people who are fanatical about it and would spread the word for you!

So we’re now at the heart of the matter.  Do I think that it’s worth spending $15.00 USD to try and get some POTENTIALLY targeted traffic?  Personally, I think yes. But, I don’t want to spend that money on just any old comment – I plan on doing something a little more special that will grab a lot of user’s attention.  For example, on my headphone’s Facebook fan page, if I really want to draw in some people, then I need to do something catchy like, “These are the best headphones for your Galaxy S4 or your iPhone 5”.  Basically the thought is people who have spent the cash for those devices are always looking to have the latest, best stuff, so it might be a good hook for them.  But, I think you see my point.  I don’t want to pay to promote “Here’s a review for headphones ABC”.  That’s boring and really won’t pique anyone’s interest.

I’ll be doing this test in the near future and when I do, I’ll post my findings so stay tuned!

I’ve DONE IT!  Checkout this post to see the experiment and the results!

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  1. Leona Henry says:

    I accidentally signed up for the boost your post idea. I though it was asking info was ready to make my new post go live on FB. I was just making my husbands business FB page and hit the button as I didn’t see any fee associated with it . This page was linked to my main FB page where I just happen To have my debit cars on file
    For a previous gift card purchase. We long and short of it, I got a notice from my bank that my bank account was overdrawn. They said it was a debit card purchase. But I have my debit card set up so if there’s not enough in that account NOT to overdraw bit decline the card instead. Ingot a notice from FB that my charges didn’t go through????? What charges? I never saw any amount I was being billed! Somehow the FB charges trumped my decline settings that baffled even the bank manager. She said it must have been a glitch in the system that when it declined FB was able to get the funds anyway therefore overdrawing me. NO sir! You are wrong on the $15.00 thing they withdrew 160.00 out of my account leaving me a negative balance and bank fees. I was stunned not knowing what I was charged for, why charges went through with a decline setting in place and why I was never notified that the little boost button was attached to a fee and the bank told me that the fee was revolving so it would auto deduct every month!
    Wow is this thievery or what. I could pay for a lot of internet promotion with a dedicated monthly budget of 160.00 + . I swear I never saw any type of charges and yea it asked my a lot of questions I trough it was part of my FB page profile setup, they caused my to close my account, a day on the phone with chaos, an embarrassing returned check to a prominent business associate, an overdraft fee of 35.00 PKU my customer’s 25.00 fee and I am still scratching my head how they overrode my decline setting. Can you say nightmare and sneaky????


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